Rock´n´roll wedding in Las Vegas

Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was 13, I heard the band Metallica for the first time, and then I was in love. Hard rock has been the music I listen to since that day. So when I met Jennifer through a friend and heard that she and her husband Christoffer were looking for a photographer for their rock & roll wedding in Las Vegas, I never hesitated. It was meant to be.

Jennifer is from Germany and Christoffer from Sweden. I was told by Jennifer that when she saw Christoffer at a party for the first time, she told her friend ”look, there is my future husband”. Her friend told her to shut up and take a beer. But she didn’t know how right Jennifer was. You can really say that this was love at first sight.

A trip to Las Vegas was a big dream I have had for many years and as a wedding photographer to photograph a wedding there, was even bigger. Their wedding day began at the Hard Rock Hotel, and we took their portraits in the stunning Neon Museum, followed by the wedding ceremony held at the Rock & Roll Wedding Chapel where the character of Gene Simmons held the ceremony. I loved that Jennifer and Christoffer had a wedding in their own way and celebrated with their closest family and friends. The dinner was taco buffet and as a taco lover myself I was in heaven. And how do you party in Las Vegas maybe you wonder? In a party bus of course. A journey through The Strip to the famous ”Welcome Sign” and ended the party Downtown was a perfect end to a perfect day.

They say that you have to gamble when in Vegas. But Jennifer and Christoffer sure got the biggest Jackpot without gambling. A life as husband and wife.

Jennifers own words:

”We have the coolest and finest wedding pictures I can imagine. I have no words for how incredibly grateful and satisfied we are.

I´m so glad we found Jennie.”

Thank you Jennifer and Christoffer for your trust in me as your wedding photographer and for bringing me along to your rock´n´roll wedding in Las Vegas.

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