A love story around the world – Maria & Craigs wedding film

When Maria wrote to me for the first time and talked about her wedding day I knew that it was going to be something special. Craig is from South Africa. Maria is from Sweden and they live together in London. So that is why this blogpost will be in english. If you are wondering why I suddenly went bananas and write in English. Anyhow. They where going to tied the knot at Dalarö in Stockholm, Sweden where my mum lives so I also had a connection to the place which felt even more exciting. And if you know me well. You know how I love when people meet their love of their life a cross the world. I do believe that everything is happen for a reason and some people you fall in love with right away. Maria & Craig is those people.

I didn’t had the chance to meet them before their wedding day, except for a skype meeting with Maria, so yeah, I was a bit nervous when I arrived to the venue at their wedding day in august this summer. But of course, for no reason. Both welcomed me with warmth and joy and it was such a lovely day. Filled with lots of laughter, happiness and a high dose of love. My job was to create a wedding film for them. That would tell the story about their wedding day, but also about their family and that it dosen´t matter where you live, love will always find its way.

Yesterday Maria wrote to me after she and Craig had seeing their wedding film:

”Hi Jennie. I just wanted to send a few lines and say that we have seen our film now. It was really wonderful and we are so happy that we decided to film parts of the day even if it was the last moment.
You really are super talented and both Craig and I have repeatedly said how nice it was to have you there during the day because it just felt like that you added to our joy. Hugs Maria”

And yeah, I can´t even describe that feeling reading those lines. Maria and Craig, it was an honor to share your wedding day with you and your loved ones. I wish you all the best.